git2net provides four modules—extraction, disambiguation, visualisation, and complexity.


The module extraction contains all the functions that operate directly on a git repository. The most important functions in this module are:

  • mine_git_repo: mines edits from a locally cloned git repositry to an SQLite database.

  • mine_github: creates a local clone and mines edits from repository on GitHub to an SQLite database.

  • check_mining_complete: checks if a repository has been fully mined.

  • mining_state_summary: provides information on any commits that have not been fully mined.

Checkout the API reference for information on the complete list of available functions.


The module disambiguation only contains a single function which allows you to disambiguate author identities. The disambiguation is based on the algorithm gambit.

  • disambiguate_aliases_db: disambiguates author aliases in a database mined with git2net.


The visualisation module provides functions to generate various network projections based on the SQLite database created during the mining process.

  • get_coediting_network: creates a co-editing network where nodes are authors who are connected by a directed link if they consecutively edited the same line of code. Links are directed from the previous to the subsequent author.

  • get_coauthorship_network: creates a co-authorship network were nodes are authors who are connected by an undirected link if the edited the same file.

  • get_bipartite_network: creates a bipartite network with nodes representing authors and files. Undirected links exist between an author and all files the author edited.

  • get_line_editing_paths: creates paths for all lines in a repository. The paths contain ordered sequences of authors who subsequently edited a line. The number of paths generated for a line depends on the number of forks and merges the line was involved in.

  • get_commit_editing_dag: creates a directed acyclic graph where nodes are commits. Commits are connected by a directed link if a one commit modifies lines last editied in another commit. Links are directed from the editing commit to the edited commit.


The module complexity provides the functionality to compute a variety of complexity measures for the commits and files in a git repository. Specifically, for all commits, we compute the number of editing events (events) and the total Levenshtein edit distance (levenshtein_distance) for all modified files. In addition, we compute the Halstead effort (HE), the cyclomatic complexity (CCN), the number of lines of code (NLOC), the number of tokens (TOK), and the number of functions (FUN) in all modified files before (*_pre) and after (*_post) each commit. We further compute the change (*_delta) for all complexity measures. As we show in this publication, the absolute value of the change in complexity can be used as a proxy for the productivity of developers in Open Source software projects.

  • compute_complexity: computes complexity measures for all mined commit/file combinations in a database mined with git2net.