Overview and Installation

git2net is an Open Source Python package that facilitates the extraction of co-editing networks from git repositories.


git2net is pure Python code. It has no platform-specific dependencies and thus works on all platforms. The only requirement is a version of Git >= 2.0.

Installing git2net

Assuming you are using pip, you can install latest version of git2net from the command-line by running:

$ pip install git2net

This command also installs the necessary dependencies. Among other dependencies, which are listed as install_requires in git2net’s setup file, git2net depends on the python-Levenshtein package to compute Levenshtein distances for edited lines of code. On sytems running Windows, automatically compiling this C based module might fail during installation. In this case, unofficial Windows binaries can be found here, which might help you get started.

Contributing to git2net

The source code for git2net is available in a repository on GitHub which can be browsed at:

If you find any bugs related to git2net please report them as issues there.

git2net is developed as an Open Source project. This means that your ideas and inputs are highly welcome. Feel free to share the project and contribute yourself. To get started, you can clone git2net’s repository as follows:

$ git clone git@github.com:gotec/git2net.git

Now uninstall any existing version of git2net and install a local version based on the cloned repository:

$ pip uninstall git2net
$ cd git2net
$ pip install -e .

This will also install git2net’s dependencies.

git2net provides a set of tests that you should run before creating a pull request. To do so, you will first need to unzip the test resitory they are based on:

$ unzip test_repos/test_repo_1.zip -d test_repos/

Then, you can run the tests with:

$ pytest

Citing git2net

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This software is licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License v3 (AGPL-3.0).